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This website is for anyone living in too stressful, paranoid or depressed,

abusive or promiscuous or unhappy lifestyle and especially people suffering from mental illness, or have mental health issues, and for their family, friends and concerned citizens.  Statistics are very high for people who suffer from mental illness who were abused psychologically, emotionally, verbally, mentally, physically and se*ually.  Any good persons will remove the stigma of the mentally ill-- the good people who live with psychiatric diagnoses and anyone who supports, empathize, have compassion  and understanding will stop the existing abuse, neglect and violation of people's rights and the stigma. Why do patients with mental illness get treated with such stigma, abuse, neglect and violation of their rights when other patients with all other illness at other parts of the hospital get treated well with care like they should be treated as patients?  There is long history of abuse and mal-treatments and violation of people's Rights of the mentally ill and the worst of care and stigma.  This Website is helpful for anyone to have healthier lifestyle, knowledge, positive thinking and the right attitude

Her pen name is Serene Song. Please read "Mental Status & IQ Tests: Take the Tests and Pass To Live Anti-Abusive Life.  A Poem From My Room"  IQ Test is composed of Unbiased, Ethical & Philosophical Questions.  It is a good book for anyone to gain mental and emotional health, hope and great prognosis for people who suffer from mental illness to have the insight, knowledge, help and support to get well and be happy. The care is provided through Serene Song's writing and the prevention and intervention is also provided through her book and this website.

Informal IQ Test  This is informal IQ test available online.  Usually IQ tests are given in a Formal Setting by Teachers at School, or professional Clinicians at Hospitals or at Psychological Testing Centers and Mental Hospitals. This is an informal setting.  It is for you to take the combined standardized  IQ tests.  Some people never took any IQ test in their life.  The special combined Standard IQ test will have questions that are Un-Biased, Ethical and Philosophical Questions with Standard IQ test questions.  The Special IQ test have 4 parts. The Verbal Reasoning Questions will  be Philosophical Questions rather than just verbal comprehension, logical reasoning.  Fluid Reasoning, Visual Spatial Perception and Processing Speed will be testing your ability to recognize or mentally visualize logical patterns and tests your ability to discern perceptual spatial relations or it involves some Math.  The IQ test does not need prior knowledge.  But some general knowledge is part of the questions and answers.  It is Recommended for adults, especially for kids.  Kids are so smart!  Adults will not remember Math very well at all, but we will refresh your memory and give you examples (1st page is practice) how to take the test.  Most people  will score 100 or better on the IQ test, but some people will never will get the Ethical or Philosophical or Un-biased questions right!  Approximated Scores are within accurate range of IQ scores.  Go to Shop on

this website $10 to purchase IQ test with Ethical, Unbiased and Philosophical questions. download. Sample math question from the IQ test -Logical sequential numbers in rows and columns (there are simple formulas)

1   2        8     16

        3   6   12   24    48

        5  10  20   40     ?     

      What is ?

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Mental Status Exam

Read over and over again and Practice. Train yourself very well before taking the Test and Pass!

Take/Pass The Mental Status Exam ... Self Test ...Read this over and over again until you fully understand.  Practice many times then take the Exam and Pass!

This is the preparation for you to Pass  the Mental Status Exam.  Read very carefully and understand the Mental Status Exam questions and how to answer them correctly to your best ability and knowledge.  Mental Health terminologies and questions are explained -- Clinicians giving the Mental Status Exam make the observation on your Appearance, Speech and your Behavior.  Please make eye contact that is normal -- WITHOUT staring/not blinking at all/glaring, but at appropriate distance  without hostile facial expressions such as frowns.   Talk in a nice tone.  Your appearance should be neat -- that you have been attending to your good hygiene habits and health.  If you look disheveled or  look like didn't eat, bathe or sleep for weeks (this might call for hospitalization or this might be a symptom of depression), or drunk, or outbursts of anger or aggressiveness -- is more than reasonable to think there might be a problem.  Affect  is emotions, Full Affect is normal.  But Not Normal can be Constricted (limited, inhibited).   Flat (lack of emotions that are normal).   Labile affect is rapid abrupt emotion without external stimuli, without  apparent reason.   Mood -- Euthymic is  normal positive mood, without Hyperthymia   (unusual happy mood) or Dysthymia (depressed).   Euphoric (elated, extremely high with or without drug use).  Or Irritable.   More importantly, Doctors and clinicians will ask you routinely, even with every appointments -- if you want to harm yourself or others.  Answer honestly, Suicidality -- at risk for suicide, attempts,  ideation --thoughts, intent or plan or want to harm self -- you might be hospitalized.  You might also be hospitalized if you have Homocidality -- tendency to harm or have intent  or plan to harm others.  Hallucinations -- if you are hearing or seeing things are NOT really there.   Derealization --  feelings that your surroundings are Not Real, or you feel you are out of reality.   Depersonalization-- in your mind  your thoughts and feelings are Not Real/Unreal or these thoughts and feelings do Not belong to oneself, or in which one loses all sense of identity.  Delusions -- False beliefs or judgments about oneself or external reality.  If there are none-- NO delusional thoughts.   But Grandiose is imposing/pretense of excessive grandeur about oneself.  Paranoid -- suspicious or mistrustful of people or things.  Religious Delusions -- preoccupied, obsessed or grandiose with religious content, or pretense of being religious constantly. Cooperative Behavior  is very important.  Less than cooperative can be guarded, hyperactive, agitated, stereotyped or paranoid, aggressive, bizarre withdrawn or other.   You could ask questions and be cooperative if you communicate really well.   Definitely Do not be aggressive or be hostile or use abusive language!  This never is appropriate behavior!    Insight and Judgment  should be good -- cannot just make fair or poor judgments!    Alertness and Responsiveness shows your level of consciousness.  Awareness and Orientation is very important that you know the time and where you are and know the date and location.  Motor Movement -- Normal.  Not restless, tic, or slowed.   Gait -- they may ask you to walk few steps.   Dexterity -- task skills performed using  hands.  Speech  will indicate level of agitation, aggressiveness, anxiety, stress and much more.   It's very important to have your speech that is calm, relaxed -- speech that shows thought process that logically flows one thought after another.  Answer the question directly giving obvious answers.  Not Tangential -- go off on a tangent, unrelated or irrelevant  statements never answering the question.   Or Pressured (unusually talking fast, jumps from one idea to another),  Impoverished speech, unusually quiet, poor speech, it is so difficult for you to speak.  Thought Content might show your character and how intelligent you are, but thought content  supposed to be just as opposed to hallucinatory thoughts such as making remarks about seeing things Unreal, statements that are out of unclear thoughts or saying things which Does not make Sense.  Or you yourself do not  know what you said a second ago.  They may ask you 3 objects to remember for Memory.  It is Normal  to remember 3 things in few minutes!   Please  pay attention!  Or otherwise they will check off for Memory  or Attention Impairment or Distracted! 

Take a big breath, take your time, prepare and train yourself  to take the Self-tested Mental Status Exam,  and pass.  For most of the questions you never did have any problems!  Take the Self Exam and Pass -- I will email back the Evaluation and Counseling and Support.  Remember, even Some people who  do not have any mental health problems will Not score 100%. 

Mental Health Status Exam & Score/Evaluation 

$10.00 available now!  Look under Shop.

Mental Health Prognosis... is good

for most people.  It is better to get treatments than NO treatments at all.  The main thing is for you to be well and live healthier life and NOT to be depressed, but know that you have life's accomplishments like everybody else.  Medication just helps you to go to school, work and enjoy your everyday daily activities.  Stay stable and Healthy!  Every good person diagnosed with Mental Illness and other people who empathize, support and have compassion and understanding removes stigma, prejudices and bigotry, the abuse, neglect and exercising of our Rights!  This mental health website is helpful for people suffering from mental illness and offer Prevention &

Intervention of mental illness.  It is also helpful for people who are living in too stressful, paranoid, depressed or abusive or 

promiscuous lifestyles to live happier, healthy and good

quality of life.

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